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Reports tagged with Trapdoor Permutations:
TR10-145 | 21st September 2010
Ron Rothblum

A Taxonomy of Enhanced Trapdoor Permutations

Trapdoor permutations (TDPs) are among the most widely studied
building blocks of cryptography. Despite the extensive body of
work that has been dedicated to their study, in many setting and
applications (enhanced) trapdoor permutations behave
unexpectedly. In particular, a TDP may become easy to invert when
the inverter is given ... more >>>

TR11-159 | 27th November 2011
Oded Goldreich, Ron Rothblum

Enhancements of Trapdoor Permutations

Revisions: 1 , Comments: 1

We take a closer look at several enhancements of the notion of trapdoor permutations. Specifically, we consider the notions of enhanced trapdoor permutation (Goldreich 2004) and doubly enhanced trapdoor permutation (Goldreich 2008) as well as intermediate notions (Rothblum 2010). These enhancements arose in the study of Oblivious Transfer and NIZK, ... more >>>

TR17-005 | 10th January 2017
Nir Bitansky

Verifiable Random Functions from Non-Interactive Witness-Indistinguishable Proofs

Revisions: 3

Verifiable random functions (VRFs) are pseudorandom functions where the owner of the seed, in addition to computing the function's value $y$ at any point $x$, can also generate a non-interactive proof $\pi$ that $y$ is correct (relative to so), without compromising pseudorandomness at other points. Being a natural primitive with ... more >>>

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