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Reports tagged with Graph matchings, NC-algorithms:
TR10-194 | 9th December 2010
Thanh Minh Hoang

Isolation of Matchings via Chinese Remaindering

In this paper we investigate the question whether a perfect matching can be isolated by a weighting scheme
using Chinese Remainder Theorem (short: CRT). We give a systematical analysis to a method based on CRT
suggested by Agrawal in a CCC'03-paper
for testing perfect matchings. We show that ... more >>>

TR18-004 | 3rd January 2018
Aayush Ojha, Raghunath Tewari

Circuit Complexity of Bounded Planar Cutwidth Graph Matching

Recently, perfect matching in bounded planar cutwidth bipartite graphs
$BGGM$ was shown to be in ACC$^0$ by Hansen et al.. They also conjectured that
the problem is in AC$^0$.
In this paper, we disprove their conjecture by showing that the problem is
not in AC$^0[p^{\alpha}]$ for every prime $p$. ... more >>>

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