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Reports tagged with one-way multihead automata:
TR11-107 | 22nd July 2011
Pavol Duris

On Computational Power of Partially Blind Automata

In this paper we deal with 1-way multihead finite automata, in which the symbol under only one head (called read head) controls its move and other heads cannot distinguish the input symbols, they can only distinguish the end-marker from the other input symbols and they are called the blind head. ... more >>>

TR12-092 | 6th July 2012
Pavol Duris

A Note On the Hierarchy of One-way Data-Independent Multi-Head Finite Automata.

In this paper we deal with one-way multi-head data-independent finite automata. A $k$-head finite automaton $A$ is data-independent, if the position of every head $i$ after step $t$ in the computation on an input $w$ is a function that depends only on the length of the input $w$, on $i$ ... more >>>

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