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Reports tagged with polynomial calculus resolution:
TR15-078 | 4th May 2015
Mladen Mikša, Jakob Nordström

A Generalized Method for Proving Polynomial Calculus Degree Lower Bounds

We study the problem of obtaining lower bounds for polynomial calculus (PC) and polynomial calculus resolution (PCR) on proof degree, and hence by [Impagliazzo et al. '99] also on proof size. [Alekhnovich and Razborov '03] established that if the clause-variable incidence graph of a CNF formula F is a good ... more >>>

TR21-021 | 18th February 2021
Per Austrin, Kilian Risse

Average-Case Perfect Matching Lower Bounds from Hardness of Tseitin Formulas

Revisions: 2

We study the complexity of proving that a sparse random regular graph on an odd number of vertices does not have a perfect matching, and related problems involving each vertex being matched some pre-specified number of times. We show that this requires proofs of degree $\Omega(n/\log n)$ in the Polynomial ... more >>>

TR24-046 | 6th March 2024
Sasank Mouli

Polynomial Calculus sizes over the Boolean and Fourier bases are incomparable

For every $n >0$, we show the existence of a CNF tautology over $O(n^2)$ variables of width $O(\log n)$ such that it has a Polynomial Calculus Resolution refutation over $\{0,1\}$ variables of size $O(n^3polylog(n))$ but any Polynomial Calculus refutation over $\{+1,-1\}$ variables requires size $2^{\Omega(n)}$. This shows that Polynomial Calculus ... more >>>

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