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Reports tagged with two source:
TR15-125 | 5th August 2015
Xin Li

Improved Constructions of Two-Source Extractors

Revisions: 2

In a recent breakthrough \cite{CZ15}, Chattopadhyay and Zuckerman gave an explicit two-source extractor for min-entropy $k \geq \log^C n$ for some large enough constant $C$. However, their extractor only outputs one bit. In this paper, we improve the output of the two-source extractor to $k^{\Omega(1)}$, while the error remains $n^{-\Omega(1)}$.

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TR23-023 | 13th March 2023
Xin Li

Two Source Extractors for Asymptotically Optimal Entropy, and (Many) More

Revisions: 1

A long line of work in the past two decades or so established close connections between several different pseudorandom objects and applications, including seeded or seedless non-malleable extractors, two source extractors, (bipartite) Ramsey graphs, privacy amplification protocols with an active adversary, non-malleable codes and many more. These connections essentially show ... more >>>

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