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Reports tagged with best-partition communication complexity:
TR15-151 | 14th September 2015
Eshan Chattopadhyay, David Zuckerman

New Extractors for Interleaved Sources

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We study how to extract randomness from a $C$-interleaved source, that is, a source comprised of $C$ independent sources whose bits or symbols are interleaved. We describe a simple approach for constructing such extractors that yields:

(1) For some $\delta>0, c > 0$,
explicit extractors for $2$-interleaved sources on $\{ ... more >>>

TR18-177 | 1st October 2018
Alexander Knop

The Diptych of Communication Complexity Classes in the Best-partition Model and the Fixed-partition Model

Most of the research in communication complexity theory is focused on the
fixed-partition model (in this model the partition of the input between
Alice and Bob is fixed). Nonetheless, the best-partition model (the model
that allows Alice and Bob to choose the partition) has a lot of
more >>>

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