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Reports tagged with NP-complete problems:
TR18-179 | 31st October 2018
Dominik Scheder

PPSZ on CSP Instances with Multiple Solutions

We study the success probability of the PPSZ algorithm on $(d,k)$-CSP formulas. We greatly simplify the analysis of Hertli, Hurbain, Millius, Moser, Szedlak, and myself for the notoriously difficult case that the input formula has more than one satisfying assignment.

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TR21-069 | 12th May 2021
Dominik Scheder

PPSZ is better than you think

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PPSZ, for long time the fastest known algorithm for k-SAT, works by going through the variables of the input formula in random order; each variable is then set randomly to 0 or 1, unless the correct value can be inferred by an efficiently implementable rule (like small-width resolution; or being ... more >>>

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