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TR95-047 | 5th October 1995 00:00

The Number of Knight's Tours Equals 33,439,123,484,294 -- Counting with Binary Decision Diagrams



An increasing number of results in graph theory, combinatorics and
theoretical computer science is obtained with the help of computers,
e.g. the proof of the Four Colours Theorem or the computation of
certain Ramsey numbers. Binary decision diagrams, known as tools in
hardware verification and computer-aided design, are used here for the
solution of counting and other combinatorial problems. The basic
results about the appropriate variants of binary decision diagrams are
presented. In order to prove the usefulness of the approach the
number of knight's tours on an 8x8 chessboard is computed for the
first time as well as the number of cycle coverings. Moreover, bounds
on the asymptotic number of knight's tours are discussed.

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