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TR07-003 | 5th January 2007 00:00

Bases Collapse in Holographic Algorithms


Authors: Jin-Yi Cai, Pinyan Lu
Publication: 8th January 2007 17:58
Downloads: 3148


Holographic algorithms are a novel approach to design polynomial time computations using linear superpositions. Most holographic algorithms are designed with basis vectors of dimension 2. Recently Valiant showed that a basis of dimension 4 can be used to solve in P an interesting (restrictive SAT) counting problem mod 7. This problem without modulo 7 is $\#$P-complete,and counting mod 2 is NP-hard.

We give a general collapse theorem for bases of dimension 4 to dimension 2 in the holographic algorithms framework. We also define an extension of holographic algorithms to allow more general support vectors. Finally we give a bases folding theorem showing that in a natural setting the support vectors can be simulated by basis of dimension 2.

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