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TR13-110 | 12th August 2013 04:46

Exponential Quantum-Classical Gaps in Multiparty Nondeterministic Communication Complexity



There are three different types of nondeterminism in quantum communication: i) $\nqp$-communication, ii) $\qma$-communication, and iii) $\qcma$-communication. In this \redout{paper} we show that multiparty $\nqp$-communication can be exponentially stronger than $\qcma$-communication. This also implies an exponential separation with respect to classical multiparty nondeterministic communication complexity. We argue that there exists a total function that is hard for $\qcma$-communication and easy for $\nqp$-communication. The proof of it involves an application of the pattern tensor method and a new lower bound for polynomial threshold degree. Another important consequence of this result is that nondeterministic rank can be exponentially lower than the discrepancy bound.

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