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TR17-150 | 26th September 2017 16:02

All Classical Adversary Methods are Equivalent for Total Functions



We show that all known classical adversary lower bounds on randomized query complexity are equivalent for total functions, and are equal to the fractional block sensitivity $\text{fbs}(f)$. That includes the Kolmogorov complexity bound of Laplante and Magniez and the earlier relational adversary bound of Aaronson. For partial functions, we show unbounded separations between $\text{fbs}(f)$ and other adversary bounds, as well as between the relational and Kolmogorov complexity bounds.

We also show that, for partial functions, fractional block sensitivity cannot give lower bounds larger than $\sqrt{n \cdot \text{bs}(f)}$, where $n$ is the number of variables and $\text{bs}(f)$ is the block sensitivity. Then we exhibit a partial function $f$ that matches this upper bound, $\text{fbs}(f) = \Omega(\sqrt{n \cdot \text{bs}(f)})$.

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