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TR23-127 | 30th August 2023 09:40

New Codes on High Dimensional Expanders


Authors: Irit Dinur, Siqi Liu, Rachel Zhang
Publication: 30th August 2023 09:40
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We describe a new family of symmetric error-correcting codes with low-density parity-check matrices (LDPC).

Our codes can be described in two seemingly different ways. First, in relation to Reed-Muller codes: our codes are functions on a subset of $\mathbb{F}^n$ whose restrictions to a prescribed set of affine lines has low degree. Alternatively, they are Tanner codes on high dimensional expanders, where the coordinates of the codeword correspond to triangles of a 2-dimensional expander, such that around every edge the local view forms a Reed-Solomon codeword.

For some range of parameters our codes are locally testable, and their dimension is some fixed power of the block length. For another range of parameters our codes have distance and dimension that are both linear in the block length, but we do not know if they are locally testable. The codes also have the multiplication property: the coordinate-wise product of two codewords is a codeword in a related code.

The definition of the codes relies on the construction of a specific family of simplicial complexes which is a slight variant on the coset complexes of Kaufman and Oppenheim. We show a novel way to embed the triangles of these complexes into $\mathbb{F}^n$, with the property that links of edges embed as affine lines in $\mathbb{F}^n$.

We rely on this embedding to lower bound the rate of these codes in a way that avoids constraint-counting and thereby achieves non-trivial rate even when the local codes themselves have arbitrarily small rate, and in particular below 1/2.

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