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TR23-204 | 17th November 2023 20:03

An efficient quantum parallel repetition theorem and applications


Authors: John Bostanci, Luowen Qian, Nicholas Spooner, Henry Yuen
Publication: 17th December 2023 09:22
Downloads: 68


We prove a tight parallel repetition theorem for 3-message computationally-secure quantum interactive protocols between an efficient challenger and an efficient adversary. We also prove under plausible assumptions that the security of 4-message computationally secure protocols does not generally decrease under parallel repetition. These mirror the classical results of Bellare, Impagliazzo, and Naor [BIN97]. Finally, we prove that all quantum argument systems can be generically compiled to an equivalent 3-message argument system, mirroring the transformation for quantum proof systems [KW00, KKMV07].

As immediate applications, we show how to derive hardness amplification theorems for quantum bit commitment schemes (answering a question of Yan [Yan22]), EFI pairs (answering a question of Brakerski, Canetti, and Qian [BCQ23]), public-key quantum money schemes (answering a question of Aaronson and Christiano [AC13]), and quantum zero-knowledge argument systems. We also derive an XOR lemma [Yao82] for quantum predicates as a corollary.

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