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Several other WWW sites have organized similar collections. Two of these, Florida State University and Pennsylvania State University, are recognized by the large number of sites which refer to them. There are at least two others, Center for Scientific Computing (Finland) and Oklahoma State University, which have comparable collections. A searchable list of mathematics departments in Denmark is maintained by EMIR, a list of German Mathematical Institutes is maintained at Universität Karlsruhe and a list of sites in the United Kingdom is maintained by the Edinburgh Mathematical Society. Good list of mathematical departments in Europe has the university of Helsinki.

The American Math. Society contains a list of (regular) mail addresses of all mathematics departments.
Acknowledgment: The list bellow is based on the list collected at Mathematics Archives at Univ of Tennessee
Additional Departments of Mathematics and many of the above also have gopher servers and anonymous ftp sites.
The following are links to WWW sites maintained by mathematics students:

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