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Revision #1 to TR05-078 | 26th July 2005 00:00

This is the second verstion of the paper. The paper is rewritten, some errors are corrected and some information is added.




TR05-078 | 25th May 2005 00:00

A Verifiable Partial Key Escrow, Based on McCurley Encryption Scheme


In this paper, firstly we propose two new concepts concerning the notion of key escrow encryption schemes: provable partiality and independency. Roughly speaking we say that a scheme has provable partiality if existing polynomial time algorithm for recovering the secret knowing escrowed information implies a polynomial time algorithm that can solve a well-known intractable problem. In addition, we say that a scheme is independent if the secret key and the escrowed information are independent. Finally, we propose a new verifiable partial key escrow, which has both of above criteria. The new scheme use McCurley encryption scheme as underlying scheme.

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