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Reports tagged with GCD:
TR99-010 | 1st April 1999
Eric Allender, Igor E. Shparlinski, Michael Saks

A Lower Bound for Primality

Comments: 1

Recent work by Bernasconi, Damm and Shparlinski
proved lower bounds on the circuit complexity of the square-free
numbers, and raised as an open question if similar (or stronger)
lower bounds could be proved for the set of prime numbers. In
this short note, we answer this question ... more >>>

TR24-098 | 26th May 2024
Noga Amit, Orr Paradise, Guy Rothblum, shafi goldwasser

Models That Prove Their Own Correctness

Revisions: 2

How can we trust the correctness of a learned model on a particular input of interest? Model accuracy is typically measured $on\ average$ over a distribution of inputs, giving no guarantee for any fixed input. This paper proposes a theoretically-founded solution to this problem: to train $Self$-$Proving\ models$ that prove ... more >>>

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