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TR02-060 | 15th July 2002 00:00

New Lower Bounds for Statistical Query Learning


Authors: Ke Yang
Publication: 3rd November 2002 19:32
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We prove two lower bounds on the Statistical Query (SQ) learning
model. The first lower bound is on weak-learning. We prove that for a
concept class of SQ-dimension $d$, a running time of
$\Omega(d/\log d)$ is needed. The SQ-dimension of a concept class is
defined to be the maximum number of concepts that are ``uniformly
correlated'', in that each pair of them have nearly the same
correlation. This lower bound matches the upper bound
in~\cite{BFJ+94}, up to a logarithmic factor. We prove this lower
bound against an ``honest SQ-oracle'', which gives a stronger result
than the ones against the more frequently used ``adversarial
SQ-oracles''. The second lower bound is more general. It gives a
continuous trade-off between the ``advantage'' of an algorithm in
learning the target function and the number of queries it needs to
make, where the advantage of an algorithm is the probability it
succeeds in predicting a label minus the probability it doesn't.
Both lower bounds extend and/or strengthen previous results, and
solved an open problem left in~\cite{Y01}.

A preliminary version of this paper appeared in
the Proceedings of the Fifteenth Annual Conference on
Computational Learning Theory, 2002 (COLT 2002)

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