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TR09-122 | 23rd November 2009 11:56

Circuit Lower Bounds, Help Functions, and the Remote Point Problem


Authors: Vikraman Arvind, Srikanth Srinivasan
Publication: 23rd November 2009 13:28
Downloads: 3695


We investigate the power of Algebraic Branching Programs (ABPs) augmented with help polynomials, and constant-depth Boolean circuits augmented with help functions. We relate the problem of proving explicit lower bounds in both these models to the Remote Point Problem (introduced by Alon, Panigrahy, and Yekhanin (RANDOM '09)). More precisely, proving lower bounds for ABPs with help polynomials is related to the Remote Point Problem w.r.t. the rank metric, and for constant-depth circuits with help functions it is related to the Remote Point Problem w.r.t. the Hamming metric. For algebraic branching programs with help polynomials with some degree restrictions we show exponential size lower bounds for explicit polynomials.

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