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TR13-048 | 27th March 2013 03:22

Matchgates Revisited


Authors: Jin-Yi Cai, Aaron Gorenstein
Publication: 31st March 2013 05:45
Downloads: 3596


We study a collection of concepts and theorems that laid the foundation of matchgate computation. This includes the signature theory of planar matchgates, and the parallel theory of characters of not necessarily planar matchgates. Our aim is to present a unified and, whenever possible, simplified account of this challenging theory. Our results include: (1) A direct proof that Matchgate Identities (MGI) are necessary and sufficient conditions for matchgate signatures. This proof is self-contained and does not go through the character theory. More importantly it rectifies a gap in the existing proof. (2) A proof that Matchgate Identities already imply the Parity Condition. (3) A simplified construction of a crossover gadget. This is used in the proof of sufficiency of MGI for matchgate signatures. This is also used to give a proof of equivalence between the signature theory and the character theory which permits omittable nodes. (4) A direct construction of matchgates realizing all matchgate-realizable symmetric signatures.

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