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TR15-107 | 21st June 2015 20:40

Towards Better Separation between Deterministic and Randomized Query Complexity


Authors: Sagnik Mukhopadhyay, Swagato Sanyal
Publication: 26th June 2015 13:44
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We show that there exists a Boolean function $F$ which observes the following separations among deterministic query complexity $(D(F))$, randomized zero error query complexity $(R_0(F))$
and randomized one-sided error query complexity $(R_1(F))$: $R_1(F) = \widetilde{O}(\sqrt{D(F)})$ and $R_0(F)=\widetilde{O}(D(F))^{3/4}$. This refutes the conjecture made by
Saks and Wigderson that for any Boolean function $f$, $R_0(f)=\Omega({D(f)})^{0.753..}$. This also shows widest separation between $R_1(f)$ and $D(f)$ for any Boolean function. The
function $F$ was defined by G{\"{o}}{\"{o}}s, Pitassi and Watson who studied it for showing a separation between deterministic decision tree complexity
and unambiguous non-deterministic decision tree complexity. Independently of us, Ambainis et al proved that different variants of the function $F$ certify optimal (quadratic)
separation between $D(f)$ and $R_0(f)$, and polynomial separation between $R_0(f)$ and $R_1(f)$. Viewed as separation results, our results are subsumed by those of Ambainis et al.
However, while the functions considerd in the work of Ambainis et al are different variants of $F$, we work with the original function $F$ itself.

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