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TR23-052 | 19th April 2023 07:49

Limits of CDCL Learning via Merge Resolution


Authors: Noah Fleming, Vijay Ganesh, Antonina Kolokolova, Chunxiao Li, Marc Vinyals
Publication: 20th April 2023 07:59
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In their seminal work, Atserias et al. and independently Pipatsrisawat and Darwiche in 2009 showed that CDCL solvers can simulate resolution proofs with polynomial overhead. However, previous work does not address the tightness of the simulation, i.e., the question of how large this overhead needs to be. In this paper, we address this question by focusing on an important property of proofs generated by CDCL solvers that employ standard learning schemes, namely that the derivation of a learned clause has at least one inference where a literal appears in both premises (aka, a merge literal). Specifically, we show that proofs of this kind can simulate resolution proofs with at most a linear overhead, but there also exist formulas where such overhead is necessary or, more precisely, that there exist formulas with resolution proofs of linear length that require quadratic CDCL proofs.

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