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TR23-075 | 17th May 2023 08:46

Border Complexity of Symbolic Determinant under Rank One Restriction


Authors: Abhranil Chatterjee, Sumanta Ghosh, Rohit Gurjar, Roshan Raj
Publication: 21st May 2023 09:59
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VBP is the class of polynomial families that can be computed by the determinant of a symbolic matrix of the form $A_0 + \sum_{i=1}^n A_ix_i$ where the size of each $A_i$ is polynomial in the number of variables (equivalently, computable by polynomial-sized algebraic branching programs (ABP)). A major open problem in geometric complexity theory (GCT) is to determine whether VBP is closed under approximation. The power of approximation is well understood for some restricted models of computation, e.g., the class of depth-two circuits, read-once oblivious ABPs (ROABP), monotone ABPs, depth-three circuits of bounded top fan-in, and width-two ABPs. The former three classes are known to be closed under approximation [Bl"{a}ser, Ikenmeyer, Mahajan, Pandey, and Saurabh (2020)], whereas the approximative closure of the last one captures the whole class of polynomial families computable by polynomial-sized formulas [Bringmann, Ikenmeyer, and Zuiddam (2017)].

In this work, we consider the subclass of VBP computed by the determinant of a symbolic matrix of the form $A_0 + \sum_{i=1}^n A_ix_i$ where for each $1\leq i \leq n$, $A_i$ is of rank one. It has been studied extensively [Edmonds(1968), Edmonds(1979)] and efficient identity testing algorithms are known [Lov"{a}sz (1989), Gurjar and Thierauf (2020)]. We show that this class is closed under approximation. In the language of algebraic geometry,
we show that the set obtained by taking coordinatewise products of pairs of points from (the Pl\"{u}cker embedding of) a Grassmannian variety is closed.

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