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TR23-170 | 13th November 2023 15:18

Learning Arithmetic Formulas in the Presence of Noise: A General Framework and Applications to Unsupervised Learning



We present a general framework for designing efficient algorithms for unsupervised learning problems, such as mixtures of Gaussians and subspace clustering. Our framework is based on a meta algorithm that learns arithmetic circuits in the presence of noise, using lower bounds. This builds upon the recent work of Garg, Kayal and Saha (FOCS 20), who designed such a framework for learning arithmetic circuits without any noise. A key ingredient of our meta algorithm is an efficient algorithm for a novel problem called Robust Vector Space Decomposition. We show that our meta algorithm works well when certain matrices have sufficiently large smallest non-zero singular values. We conjecture that this condition holds for smoothed instances of our problems, and thus our framework would yield efficient algorithms for these problems in the smoothed setting.

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