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TR00-034 | 5th June 2000 00:00

Efficiently Approximable Real-Valued Functions


Authors: Valentine Kabanets, Charles Rackoff, Stephen Cook
Publication: 6th June 2000 18:20
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We consider a class, denoted APP, of real-valued functions
f:{0,1}^n\rightarrow [0,1] such that f can be approximated, to
within any epsilon>0, by a probabilistic Turing machine running in
time poly(n,1/epsilon). We argue that APP can be viewed as a
generalization of BPP, and show that APP contains a natural
complete problem: computing the acceptance probability of a given
Boolean circuit; in contrast, no complete problems are known for
BPP. We observe that all known complexity-theoretic assumptions
under which BPP is easy (i.e., can be efficiently derandomized)
imply that APP is easy; on the other hand, we show that BPP may
be easy while APP is not, by constructing an appropriate oracle.

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