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TR12-049 | 27th April 2012 05:07

Sparse affine-invariant linear codes are locally testable


Authors: Eli Ben-Sasson, Noga Ron-Zewi, Madhu Sudan
Publication: 27th April 2012 05:07
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We show that sparse affine-invariant linear properties over arbitrary finite fields are locally testable with a constant number of queries. Given a finite field ${\mathbb{F}}_q$ and an extension field ${\mathbb{F}}_{q^n}$, a property is a set of functions mapping ${\mathbb{F}}_{q^n}$ to ${\mathbb{F}}_q$. The property is said to be affine-invariant if it is invariant under affine transformations of ${\mathbb{F}}_{q^n}$, and it is said to be sparse if its size is polynomial in the domain size. Our work completes a line of work initiated by Grigorescu et al. [RANDOM 2009] and followed by Kaufman and Lovett [FOCS 2011]. The latter showed such a result for the case when $q$ was prime. Extending to non-prime cases turns out to be non-trivial and our proof involves some detours into additive combinatorics, as well as a new calculus for building property testers for affine-invariant linear properties.

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