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TR14-098 | 30th July 2014 20:12

Simultaneous Approximation of Constraint Satisfaction Problems


Authors: Amey Bhangale, Swastik Kopparty, Sushant Sachdeva
Publication: 3rd August 2014 15:12
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Given $k$ collections of 2SAT clauses on the same set of variables $V$, can we find one assignment that satisfies a large fraction of clauses from each collection? We consider such simultaneous constraint satisfaction problems, and design the first nontrivial approximation algorithms in this context.

Our main result is that for every CSP $F$, for $k < \tilde{O}(\log^{1/4} n)$, there is a polynomial time constant factor Pareto approximation algorithm for $k$ simultaneous Max-F-CSP instances. Our methods are quite general, and we also use them to give an improved approximation factor for simultaneous Max-w-SAT (for $k <\tilde{O}(\log^{1/3} n)$). In contrast, for $k = \omega(\log n)$, no nonzero approximation factor for $k$ simultaneous Max-F-CSP instances can be achieved in polynomial time (assuming the Exponential Time Hypothesis).

These problems are a natural meeting point for the theory of constraint satisfaction problems and multiobjective optimization. We also suggest a number of interesting directions for future research.

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