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TR15-140 | 26th August 2015 02:58

Reachability Problems for Continuous Chemical Reaction Networks


Authors: Adam Case, Jack H. Lutz, Donald Stull
Publication: 26th August 2015 21:37
Downloads: 1293


Chemical reaction networks (CRNs) model the behavior of molecules in a well-mixed system. The emerging field of molecular programming uses CRNs not only as a descriptive tool, but as a programming language for chemical computation. Recently, Chen, Doty and Soloveichik introduced a new model of chemical kinetics, rate-independent continuous CRNs (CCRNs), to study the chemical computation of continuous functions. A fundamental question of a CRN is whether a state of the system is reachable through a sequence of reactions in the network. This is known as the reachability problem. In this paper, we investigate CCRN-REACH, the reachability problem for this model of chemical reaction networks. We show that, for continuous CRNs, constructing a path to a state of the network is computable in polynomial time. We also prove that a related problem, Sub-CCRN-REACH, is NP-complete.

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