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TR16-047 | 23rd March 2016 23:30

Parallel repetition via fortification: analytic view and the quantum case


Authors: Mohammad Bavarian, Thomas Vidick, Henry Yuen
Publication: 25th March 2016 13:50
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In a recent work, Moshkovitz [FOCS '14] presented a transformation on two-player games called "fortification'', and gave an elementary proof of an (exponential decay) parallel repetition theorem for fortified two-player projection games. In this paper, we give an analytic reformulation of Moshkovitz's fortification framework, which was originally cast in combinatorial terms. This reformulation allows us to expand the scope of the fortification method to new settings.

First, we show any game (not just projection games) can be fortified, and give a simple proof of parallel repetition for general fortified games. Then, we prove parallel repetition and fortification theorems for games with players sharing quantum entanglement, as well as games with more than two players. This gives a new gap amplification method for general games in the quantum and multiplayer settings, which has recently received much interest.

An important component of our work is a variant of the fortification transformation, called "ordered fortification", that preserves the entangled value of a game. The original fortification of Moshkovitz does not in general preserve the entangled value of a game, and this was a barrier to extending the fortification framework to the quantum setting.

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