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TR24-105 | 13th June 2024 14:47

Communication Complexity vs Randomness Complexity in Interactive Proofs


Authors: Benny Applebaum, Kaartik Bhushan, Manoj Prabhakaran
Publication: 13th June 2024 15:05
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In this note, we study the interplay between the communication from a verifier in a general private-coin interactive protocol and the number of random bits it uses in the protocol. Under worst-case derandomization assumptions, we show that it is possible to transform any $I$-round interactive protocol that uses $\rho$ random bits into another one for the same problem with the additional property that the verifier's communication is bounded by $O(I\cdot \rho)$. Importantly, this is done with a minor, logarithmic, increase in the communication from the prover to the verifier and while preserving the randomness complexity. Along the way, we introduce a new compression game between computationally-bounded compressor and computationally-unbounded decompressor and a new notion of conditioned efficient distributions that may be of independent interest. Our solutions are based on a combination of perfect hashing and pseudorandom generators.

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