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TR23-203 | 15th December 2023 01:53

Refuting approaches to the log-rank conjecture for XOR functions


Authors: Hamed Hatami, Kaave Hosseini, Shachar Lovett, Anthony Ostuni
Publication: 17th December 2023 09:20
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The log-rank conjecture, a longstanding problem in communication complexity, has persistently eluded resolution for decades. Consequently, some recent efforts have focused on potential approaches for establishing the conjecture in the special case of XOR functions, where the communication matrix is lifted from a boolean function, and the rank of the matrix equals the Fourier sparsity of the function, which is the number of its nonzero Fourier coefficients.

In this note, we refute two conjectures. The first has origins in Montanaro and Osborne (arXiv'09) and is considered in Tsang et al. (FOCS'13), and the second one is due to Mande and Sanyal (FSTTCS'20). These conjectures were proposed in order to improve the best-known bound of Lovett (STOC'14) regarding the log-rank conjecture in the special case of XOR functions. Both conjectures speculate that the set of nonzero Fourier coefficients of the boolean function has some strong additive structure. We refute these conjectures by constructing two specific boolean functions tailored to each.

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